Latest : Super Discounts for the Sense Document Editor

09 Dec, 2015

Sense is a Two Pane Outliner - Rich Text Editor with documentation structurally organized into collapsible tree hierarchies of both full detail and outline.

Sense's Features are designed to support a writing workflow for tasks such as authoring an essay, thesis or journal article and include Subdocument Creation and Merge, Reference Management, In-text Citation and Bibliographic listing.

Sense is available for 30 days free trial with Voucher Code Discounts available for both new license purchase and license renewal.

A set of free plugins are available to extend the workflow support and include:

  • A new Markdown Plugin is available enabling conversion to and from Sense Document Format.
  • The HTML Plugin has been radically modified by the removal of XHTML qualification to provide more predictable saving of web page Text into Sense.
  • Coupled with the generation of an OpenXML Biblography file and export conversion using the latest RTF Plugin , Sense documentation containing In-Text Citation and Bibliographic Listings may be opened in third-party editors.