Sense Editor License Purchase

A single License Key is provided following purchase that is registered for the number of machines to be licensed.


Volume discounts are available when buying licenses for more than one machine so check out the table below that updates according to your currency of choice.


The Buy Now button will re-direct you to our e-commerce provider where you will be able to make your purchase quickly and securely (Check Out our Privacy Policy):


License Purchase Selection


Volume Price per License
1 Machine
2-9 Machines
10-25 Machines
25-49 Machines
50-99 Machines
100+ Machines


Following License Purchase


You will be sent an email with your new License Key that may be used on up to but not exceeding the number of machine licenses purchased to enable the specific features of your Sense installation.


The License Key when used to enable Sense Version 1.22 has no expiry and allows free installation of Sense Plugins.


Silva Elm reserves the right to change the License Key expiration policy for later Sense release versions.