Sense: Try Before You Buy

If you have not previously installed Sense on your computer, you are very welcome to download and install to get 30 days free evaluation of the fully functional software under the Terms and Conditions of the End User License Agreement (EULA).


The EULA also covers the Licensing for a range Sense Plugins for which you are also welcome to freely download and install so why not try those as well?


If you find Sense meets your needs, then purchase a License Key to activate the product to retain full capability and ability to upgrade both Sense and Plugins for 1 year.


Sense: License Key Purchase

A single License Key is provided following purchase with Volume Discounts available for more than one machine so check out the table below.


The Buy Now button will re-direct you to our payment gateway where you will be able to make your purchase quickly and securely (Check Out our Privacy Policy):


License Purchase Selection


Volume Price per License
1 Machine
2-9 Machines
10-25 Machines
25-49 Machines
50-99 Machines
100+ Machines


Following License Purchase


You will be sent an email with your new License Key with specific instructions on activating Sense.

License Key Renewal


Following 1 year, the capability to update your Sense and / or Sense Plugins with later versions of the software will no longer be available until your License Key is renewed. All other features and capabilities of your Sense installation will remain activated.


In order to renew your License Key, you will be provided a link to the Silva Elm website Renewals Page by email in advance of the 1 year expiry using the email address used for your original License Key purchase.


If you have not received an email requesting License Key renewal and / or you would prefer the request is sent to an alternative email address, please contact stating your WorldPay Transaction ID and nature of your request.


Please note that not all versions of Sense are subject to License Key expiry and the renewals request may be ignored. Check the Product License status of your Sense installation via the Help Menu.


Silva Elm Ltd reserves the right to change the License Key expiration policy for different release versions of its Sense software.

Refund Policy


Providing you have not used the License Key to activate Sense you may request a refund within 14 days of purchase by email to .


In order to process your refund request, please detail your reasons including your WorldPay Transaction ID: without such detail, the refund request cannot be accepted.


By sending a Refund Request, you agree to destroy all copies of the License Key and not make it available to a third party, indirectly or directly, by any means.


Partial refunds cannot be requested such as in the case that you have purchased the License Key for more machines than your needs: you will need to request a full refund.


It is always suggested that you Try Before You Buy to avoid unnecessary refunds.